Clouded Thoughts

Beach Side

I am happiest beach side

when the tides exfoliate my feet

while I’m lying out

jamming yet not hearing a thing

Taken to the sands

that are bleached and pale

that blister your feet when barefoot,

you know that too well

To the salty shores 

with small sand crabs that lay hidden

and baby sea turtles

that hatch when the sun arises

The dark skinned folks

with pearly white grins

the hot dog and bbq scents 

in the saturated summer winds

The seagulls 

gawking for food

sunglasses, sun tan lotion and slurpees

to get me in the hot weather mood

Laughter and smiles that come out

only in daylight with all its might 

while the sun is high in the sky

to wash away those sinful nights

These days don’t last forever

but when they are here, they linger

with a potent smell that you cant ignore

a smell of nostalgia you wish could stay 

These long playful days

that feel like the weekend just passed by

are the highlights of my life

and cherished like cherry pie

Oh I cant wait

to feel the sea at ease once more

to become one with the ocean again

and embrace the balance of sun, earth, air, and water

Dig me up 

dig me down

burry me burry me 

now now now

I am happiest by the sea

with mangos and pineapples

and fish galore 

while I seek fresh waves to conquer

I am happiest beach side

then what I am in the city

these people know too much and talk so little

because they are afraid to be

To be happy

and carefree

to finally give up grow up and fall

into a plain of pure ecstasy 

Maybe its just my vision of peace

to others its too easy

but I am happiest beach side

and to me its just fuckin peachy