Clouded Thoughts


lets take a walk

while the sky is covering hovering ever so cool

hiding those harsh beams

allowing us to explore abandoned parks and pools

moving forward and skipping back

running, lollygagging, frolicking and falling 

laying in fresh damp morning dew fields

caring for no one and nothing but you and me and the trees

I will carry weed with me

you will carry the food

you will place a smile within me

get me to embrace good vibes and moods

I used to adore you a whole lot more

and as I loose grip I try to tell myself that I still do  

but my hold if I ever had one is getting softer

I need your walks, I need your talks, I need you.

Everything is better when we walk and talk

just talk in my driveway or under a bright full moon

talk on the phone to me like everyone used to do

walks barefoot on a dawn lit shore 

lets take a walk and talk 

about life and what makes us laugh

animals, nightmares, fears and pains

the mellow high times and sorrowful low times

lets take a walk 

lets walk as yuppies going nation wide

lets talk all the way to the top of mountains 

because with you, only you, Ide run not walk on the wild side

Nina Simone: Be My Husband